Snacks To Watch The Show At Twister

Published on 11th September 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Popcorn To Watch The Show At Twister

I’ve never had the feeling that going to a go-go bar was comparable with going to the cinema until I spotted a popcorn machine outside of Twister bar in Nana Plaza.

Popcorn to munch on as you watch the dancing dollybirds… erm, I don’t know about that but it must sell and someone must be buying, not to mention the bar making an earner from it otherwise it just wouldn’t be there, would it?

And it’s not just popcorn they sell at the door.

On the opposite side is a whole variety of snacks and nibbles. Again, it’s never crossed my mind I’d need goodies to snack on while I watch the cute coyotes do their best BTS shuffle.

Popcorn To Watch The Show At Twister

Now, I know the popcorn and snacks have been there for as long as the bar has almost, but the Twister team aren’t that keen on photos of any kind which is fine. That’s their call but I was chatting with one of the owners along with my partner in crime and asked was it okay.

You guessed his reply with me sharing these two shots.

So we got photos of a popcorn machine and someone selling snacks… Zzz… what about the sexy strumpets through the curtain?

Well, as it happens, that is coming soon. Very soon.

I’m a patient man who pokes, prods, pleads and simply never gives up because if you don’t ask, and keep asking, you don’t get and get is what I got – the first ever photoshoot inside Twister.

The ins and outs have been sorted with just some organising of the girls to do then we’ll set a date for hopefully this week.

Happy days, and I might even buy some popcorn to eat as I watch the snappers do their thing

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