Talent Spotting At Tilac

Published on 2nd July 2018 by Stickboy BKK

How I came to be in Tilac bar on Soi Cowboy one night last week I can’t remember as my working and socialising all blur into one and other making it hard to recall days and times but I was definitely there.

I can remember who I was with, where we sat, what we drank, who we seen and spoke to… just not when or why.

Anyway, Tilac isn’t one of my usual haunts despite being on Soi Cowboy at least twice a week which won’t be the case in the months ahead if the dancing dollybirds gracing the stage remain in the same caliber of what was working the poles last week… or was it the weekend?

It’s bloody annoying me now…

Talent Spotting At Tilac

The setup at Tilac isn’t the usual go-go bar format with one main stage as anyone who has visited will know. Instead it’s lots of smaller stages dotted around with stageside seating and the usual sort around the walls.

What we had dancing in front, and behind us, was quite the sight and even after the rotation it wasn’t Team A (the sexy squad) being replaced by Team B (the fat frumps) as can so often be the case in many chrome pole palaces.

It was a tottyfest with sexy strumpets in every direction I looked and well worth a visit if and when you are next on the Neon Alley.

Hey, you might even see me there as I’ll be going back again this week for another look and a longer stay.

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