One Night In Patpong: Thigh Bar

Published on 15th July 2017 by Stickboy BKK

thigh bar patpong

Last week i shared a gallery of Chrome Pole Crumpet from Thigh Bar on Patpong 1 but didn’t say much about the bar instead just sticking with the pictures of the go-go girls and coyote cuties.

The night we shot the photos me and my partner in crime actually went to Thigh Bar twice. Our first stop was just to have a nosy and relax with a beer which is exactly what we did.

Had we not made other plans to visit Superstar and Safari we’d likely have stayed all night as it had a chilled atmosphere, with decent service and good tunes.

thigh bar patpong

A few of the dancers looked familiar and turned out they’d been working at Dollhouse on Soi Cowboy when we did a photoshoot there a few nights earlier.

The place wasn’t packed out with dancers but enough to go around the handful of customers in the bar and good fun, easy going, not a mobile phone to be seen and no requests for drinks which means you’ll get a few from me for simply not asking or dropping hints.

The beers were ice cold and when the chilled San Migs ran out I wasn’t handed a warm one, no, no. Three bottles of different beers were brought by the happy hostess so I could choose which one I’d prefer as these were all ice cold.

You don’t get service like that in many bars these days and so we had a couple more as did the girls who had joined us.

In another rarity, the hostess running the show offered to buy us a beer as we’d bought a couple of rounds that included one for her. We declined as we had to move on but was a nice gesture all the same.

Off the top of my head the Leo’s were 100 baht, draft 60 and San Migs were 150 baht. Lady drinks… I don’t remember.

The music was a mix of rock old and new that had us listening to the Counting Crows before heading back to the 70s for some Kiss and two decades worth of rock hits in between.

Thigh Bar isn’t a full on, in your face party bar, rather somewhere you can chill with your mates with everything around you being done right.

Worth a look if you’re out and about in Patpong for a few.

To tie up talking about going twice the same night. On our first visit we asked about doing some photos but nobody was keen and the boss man wasn’t around to give us the okay, so we left it at that, no worries, there’s always another night.

However, when we were sat in Superstar I met a good friend of mine who works on Patpong and knows everyone and their dog so I asked him could he do me a favour and see if there was any chance of getting us in as we were there.

Five minutes later he returned telling us to check bin and lets go, the boss of Thigh Bar had said, sure, no problems and so we went back and got down to business.

Chrome Pole Crumpet: Thigh Bar Edition

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