What Happened To Voodoo?

Published on 14th September 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Back in July Voodoo made a surprise return to Nana Plaza when the owners of Twister BKK split the massive bar in two and gave us a blast from the past in doing so.

Well, as quick as Voodoo arrived on the scene it is the same story about its departure. It’s gone.

So what happened to Voodoo after only two short months?

Voodoo Nana Plaza

The answer to that question is one of mystery and goes unanswered but there are plenty of stories doing the rounds regarding Voodoo’s sudden demise.

However, I will leave the gossip to others as that’s not my thing. The Bottomline is it has gone and won’t be missed as I never heard a single soul mention it.

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Lollipop Nana Plaza Bangkok

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