Will 2 Become 1?

Published on 3rd December 2019 by Stickboy BKK

On Sunday night I shared a photo on social media of Rawhide on Soi Cowboy with the lights off and the doors boarded up, asking what the story was there as it had been business as usual on Saturday.

The barstool pundits were out in force with their theories – most of which revolved around tea money. Zzz…

The Neon Alley was buzzing with gossip over the future of Rawhide on Monday night with one story suggesting 2 would become 1 with a new supersized bar coming with Rawhide and Long Gun merging.

How that would work if true I don’t know as there’s the small matter of the one shophouse bar, Cocktail, sitting between the two.

The second option, if you want to believe the rumours circulating, is Rawhide and Penny Black will join forces to become one bigger venue.


Whatever is going on at Rawhide, be it a rebrand or a merger, it seems an odd time of the year to go ahead with such a project with the high season upon us.

I’d guess there’s more to it all as even the Thai bar owners know when to keep the lights on and the cash coming in.

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