#10kBahtChallenge Kicks Off Today

Published on 30th April 2014 by Stickboy BKK

I can’t remember where the idea for the #10kBahtChallenge came from but over the past few weeks it has become a big talking point around Stickboy HQ with the staff coming up with all sorts of reasons – and jokes – as to why I can’t survive a month spending only 10,000 baht.

All the reasons, jokes and excuses aside, the #10kBahtChallenge starts today.

For the month of May I have a grand total of 10,000 to live on. It gives me the chance to save a few baht, lose some weight and live a quieter life. All good reasons to prove the doubters wrong and have some fun along the way.


The rules of the challenge have been agreed and are as follows:

My rent, power and water are excluded. Everything else is included. Yes, the rules are that simple. Well, there is one small clause devised by the accountant. Yeah, trust the bean counter to think of this.

Anything I have within my condo that I use has to be taken from my 10k fund. So if I have something in my fridge and I use it, then I need to subtract the cost from my cashpot, take the actual money and put it in an envelope. Bloody accountants. A fair point I suppose and this I have agreed to.

So I will be having a quiet month as 10k isn’t going to go far in the bars of Bangkok. There will be no nights out as that would wipe out my entire months money in one go. Yeah, I like to party and 10,000 is a typical night out. Hunting down happy hours and cheap beers isn’t my thing so it will be lots of nights in. Even popping out to see some mates could add up quickly. 100 baht on the BTS, 200 baht for a couple of Cokes – that’s a days budget gone. Deary me. What have I got myself into? LOL.

I will do daily updates on the official Stickboy Bangkok Twitter feed and a weekly round up here on the main site.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

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