500k For A Five Year Visa

Published on 28th April 2016 by Stickboy BKK

thailand elite

If you have a library of bank books or a stash of cash under your mattress then the Thailand Easy Access Membership of the Thailand Elite program might up your street to cut out any visa hassles.

500,000 baht doesn’t get you the free golf and spas or the limos to and from the airport plus a bunch of other stuff that comes with the full 20 year, 2 million baht + 20k a year membership but it does get you a Privilege Entry Visa.

Thailand elite Program

The Thailand Easy Access Membership comes with a five year Privilege Entry Visa that gets you a 1 year extension of stay without the need to leave the country.

Is it value for money? I guess that all comes down to the individual but it’s certainly worth considering if you are loaded, not working and looking to stay in Thailand long term without any visa hassles.

All the info you need and the application form is here on the official website.

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