8-bit Bangkok – PS3 Night

Published on 19th April 2018 by Stickboy BKK

8-bit Bangkok: Retro gaming meetup upstairs at Jam.

The last 8BitBKK was a blast! Thank you for joining us, but we are still trying to recover! We had hoped to sample what the present had to offer, but with PS4/PS4-VR night, it feels like we took a few steps too far into the future.

So, like nursing a bad hangover with a little less alcohol than the night before, we’re going to regress gradually so we don’t go into shock.

Please join us for the next 8BitBKK where we will be enjoying the bounty of the PS3, a system so powerful the US government wanted to ban its import to hostile countries! Launched in 2005, the PS3 platform enjoyed more than 9 years of prolific development.

As last time, we’ll be playing, drinking, playing, eating, playing and drinking on the second floor of the Jam Bar! Here, we will have not one, but TWO PS3 systems. On the secondary screen, two players will be able to test their skills against each other with their Street Fighting, Soul Caliburating, Tekkening, while Blaz Bluing in Mortal Kombat.

While on the big screen, we’ll play those games and many more. We’ll shove cake into a princesses mouth until she is fat, we’ll shoot some geometric shapes, we’ll bomberman each other to oblivion, groove out in Eden, race in many different forms and play many other great games that helped define the PS3 as a superb place to have fun with friends.

8BitBKK is always best enjoyed with friends old and new, and we hope to see you there!

● Sony PlayStation 3

8-bit Bangkok - PS3 Night

Video games will be played on a big projector screen.

8-Bit Bangkok is a group with a shared interest in retro video gaming.

We get together to play retro video games once a month at JAM. Super Nintendo, Atari, Master System, Sega Saturn, whatever. If you have any consoles or games you would like to share for future nights please let us know.

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