Art X Art = Connection

Published on 29th June 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Coming up at Sathorn 11 art space is a unique event concept of ART X ART = CONNECTION where a painter, poets, musicians & dancers perform amongst the audience.

The visually striking & aurally engaging performers will respond live to existing art by creating new, colourful & interactive works of art.

Date : 6 July 2019 (Saturday)

5:00 pm : Doors open

7:00 pm : Drinks specials & enjoy ‘Auto-Dynamics’ solo art exhibition by MAHA (Kreangkrai Sangtong)

8:30 pm : Live creation of art-inspired performances, followed by Q & A with artists

9:30 pm : After party!!

Art X Art = Connection

Performers / co-creators in partnership with Sathorn 11 Artspace:

** MAHA (Kreangkrai Sangtong) is a contemporary Thai artist working with black & white colors for most of his paintings. He is an abstract expressionist using his hands and arms as paint brushes.

** Project C: A COMMUNITY of Creative Citizens who love sharing body-based, embodied art activities that connect to CREATIVITY and COLLABORATION. We offer WORKSHOPS and SHOWCASE of experimental performance art to the general public.

** Rory Breaker-Morant is a song-writer, poet, rapper, DJ & independent music producer, performing in Bangkok & Southeast Asia.

** Maurizio – a music teacher and music lover, Maurizio has been influenced by all kinds of art since a very young age. Majoring in classical guitar, he loves connecting with other performers to engage, inspire and touch the soul of those around him.

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