Crazy Classifieds: Help Me Find… A Waitress I’ve Had No Contact With For A Decade

Published on 17th March 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Not only is this funny but it is also rather pathetic. The guy hasn’t seen this woman for a decade and suddenly he wants to reconnect?

Let sleeping dogs lie you silly twat. She’s probably happily married, 20 kilos heavier with 3 ankle biters hanging off her apron. What is he hoping for? To rekindle some two week holiday romance from ten years ago?

help me find

Help me find On Chanida Namtau (Bangkok?)

Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any help or assistance that you can provide.

I am looking for On (her nickname). Her real name is Chanida Namtau. She worked as a waitress near Hotel Asia in Bangkok in 2008. The restaurant is now out of business and a travel agency moved into its place. As of June 2010 the travel agency is now closed as well and the building is empty.

She is cute and would be around 27-29 years old now, about 150-153 cm tall and weighs about 45-50 kilograms. She has medium length black hair and a nose piecing.

I have lost contact with her. Her email account has been disabled.

If ANYONE knows her could they please contact me. You can tell her that John from California is looking for her.

Please help me find On Chanida Namtau.

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