Ecstasy Of Truth – Beyond Bliss

Published on 17th October 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Sathorn 11 art space is proud to participate in BAB (Bangkok Art Biennale) with the theme of Beyond Bliss series. Ecstasy of Truth reflects the idea of the happiness and bliss interpreted by Kannika Jansuwan and Olga Volodina.

Kannika Jansuwan, Thai oil painter that just exhibited a sold out show in June at Sathorn 11 art space. Her work presents the variety of sensations, emotions, and the animal aspect / spirit of her portrait.

Ecstasy of Truth - Beyond Bliss

“This exhibition presents the variety of sensations, emotions, expressed at once for the animal aspect and the human body. Both minds connected, all differences are blurred: pain, happiness, sadness, joy. All emotions can be seen as one, expressed from a human-animal totemic character that reminds us the main rule of the universe “everything is one same thing” But only an observer can see, as in Buddha’s words, no one can teach us to see, we are the ones who have the obligation to see by ourselves.” Kannika Jansuwan

Olga Volodina, Russian photo artist. Imaginarium is Olga’s view on human nature, the hypocrisy and double standards of modern society, hyperconnectivity, obsession with smartphones and social media addiction, religion, politics, environmental issues, and controversial historical facts. Executed in surreal and, sometimes, grotesque manner, these images open a door to the world of Olga’s dreams and fantasies, where history, literature and current events are all mixed up and transformed into something symbolic and metaphorical.

For more information, please contact Mike 085-941-3398 or email

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