Epic Stuff Is… Well, It’s Epic Of Course

Published on 2nd February 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Epic Stuff

You’re all aware that Stickboy and shopping mix about as well as red wine and cider with a tequila chaser. In fact I’ll find any excuse going to avoid traipsing around soulless Bangkok department stores, with their awful cover versions of the worst western pop songs imaginable played through tinny sounding speakers. That alone is enough to send me into a stupor as my mind wanders to less stressful situations, such as sinking a few amongst the neon lights and chrome poles where the “shopping” is far more pleasurable and a damned sight easier on the eye.

The thing is, I’m quite a charitable soul and with birthdays, anniversaries and the like cropping up frequently, a gift from the heart causes the average Thai smile to widen to the size of the Chao Phraya while the wai-ing takes on epic back-breaking proportions. So here I sit wracking my brains for gift ideas while fearing the crowds of wide-eyed, shoulder barging Siam Square shoppers and planning my route like some reconnaissance stealth mission. What we lack here in Bangkok, or so I thought, is a decent shopping portal where goods are well displayed and well described, with affordable prices and a fair delivery system where I don’t have to wait 3 weeks for a parcel to be delivered from Botswana only to have to stump up 5 times its value to wrestle it out of the tight grip of my customs officer friends.

Just as I was about to pack it in, order those Argos gift vouchers and hit the town to shop when the goods are ice cold and come by the bottle, I stumbled across the new kid on the block of online shopping sites, epicstuff.co.th

Now this is more like it.

Epic Stuff

Here we have a site packed with nifty gadgets for the home and office, fun gifts, a selection of stylish clothing and accessories, alongside decorative wall posters and pop art kitsch to liven up any magnolia-painted condo.

Thinking ahead to Songkran I find myself strangely drawn towards the waterproof camera-cum-snorkel mask. If only it were big enough to store my wallet, fags and house keys I’d be fixed up and looking sharp to take on a battalion of water canons. The under-desk foot hammock provides the ideal relaxation station as I’m supping a coffee and beating back trolls on Twitter. There’s even a waterproof bluetooth speaker that I can take in the shower and give the missus my breakfast order. And while the clothing range is not really my taste, I’m sure Son of Stickboy would be happy to don a David Bowie t-shirt and stylish wooden framed sunnies.

The great thing about epicstuff.co.th is they guarantee delivery anywhere in Bangkok in under 3 hours. For anyone who’s battled through Bangkok’s legendary traffic, this is not something to be sniffed at. They also have a 14 day returns policy and offer free delivery. The site is professionally produced with options for Thai and English.

I’ve signed up to their online newsletter to get the latest product information delivered directly to my inbox but being close to Stick’s birthday, I’m hoping my little lady is feeling generous enough to think of her better half. So I’ve taken the liberty to sign her up to the mailing list too – not forgetting to click the Thai flag tab to ensure she gets it all in Thai.

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