How To Use Tinder From Anywhere To Meet Thai Women

Published on 1st December 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Meeting Thai women via Facebook and dating sites is all well and good but the more options you have, the better, right?

What I’m going to show you below is how to use the match-making app Tinder from anywhere in the world meaning you can set it up to find matches in Thailand even if you are 1000s of miles away.

Pick the type of OS your smartphone, mobile or tablet runs and away you go.


Download the Fake GPS Location Spoofer free from Google Play

Once you have installed the GPS spoofer the app will enable you to set a fake location which overwrites the original or real GPS. (Your real GPS doesn’t need to be active for this to work properly).

Set Thailand as your location and then open Tinder.

Apple / iOS:

Download and install Tools for Tinder from the App Store and you are good to go once you adjust a few settings.

This app also has several versions. The free one allows 100 Tinder “Likes”. Next level up is a one off fee of $1 / 69p for unlimited “Likes” but comes with ads plus restrictions on some of the advanced features which are enabled in the top level version costing £1.29.

And that’s it. Have fun chatting.

This was written for the target audience but works for meeting women anywhere in the world using Tinder

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