Melodic Storyteller Bianca Rosarrio At Whisgars

Friday at Whisgars, don’t just watch the show, become part of it!

American Songstress Bianca Rosarrio creates an atmosphere that carries her audience on a journey of her musical visions, commanding attention with sultry expressions and powerful climatic crescendos.

A musical theatre alumni of Dreyfoos School of Arts in Florida, Rosarrio is a storyteller who infuses her style with the ease of jazz, the honesty of blues, the nostalgia of the standards, the dynamics of soul, all mixed with the crossover appeal of pop.

Bianca Rosarrio Friday At Whisgars

She was discovered by German music mogul and producer Frank “The Hitmaker” Farian. Signed to his label, Farian took Rosarrio under his wing and she began working in Germany under the name ZZ Queen to craft her skills.

Rosarrio has toured and performed around the world, including on Carnival Cruise Line and recently moved to Bangkok.

Become part of the story on Friday 12th April from 9 p.m. until midnight at Whisgars.

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