New Sky TV Reality Show – Ladyboys: The Band

Published on 11th June 2015 by Stickboy BKK

ladyboys reality tv show

Six Thai ladyboys have teamed up for a new band called Gurlz and have documented their journey on a new Sky TV show called… drumroll… Ladyboys: The Band.

Yup, trash television at its best and I for one will be avoiding it like the plague. I had my belly full with the BBCs Bangkok Airport fly-on-the-wall series. That is more than plenty for me for the next few years.

If you do fancy this show then here’s the basics. The ladyboys were hand-picked from auditions here in Thailand with the original plan of the makers to find just one ladyboy singer.

Barry Tomes, who is helping promote the band, told The Mirror: “We just wanted one singer initially but there were so many great singers that we decided to make a whole band.

“They’re not sleazy at all. They’re classy women”.

Hang on Baz. Rewind there mate. Classy women? Cocks in frocks and not a real tit between them. Don’t try and paint this picture as something it isn’t.

It’s not the first show to feature ladyboys from makers Redback Productions. Ladyboys Series 1 and 2 have previously aired on SKY TV in the UK and Ladyboys: The Band is just milking the niche for every last little bit of milk they can get from that titty.

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