Problems With True Online Internet? Here’s A Quick Fix

Published on 27th February 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Over the past three years since signing up with True Online Internet I must admit my issues and problems with their service have been minimal. Usually restarting the router fixes any niggles but over the past 48 hours things have been terrible when viewing some international websites.

All of the sites that use the Stickboy brand are housed on dedicated, high end servers in Europe. Around here we do things right. No shoddy $5 shared hosting packages. So having ruled out it was the servers, I finally worked my way back through a checklist and found myself looking at True Online.

Speed tests showed me over my package speed on both Thai and European test servers.

The websites showing issues were random but the same sites over and over. CSS failing to load, timeouts, half a page and missing images were the most common errors I was seeing. And it was the same errors on the same pages regardless of what browser I was using.

This led me to believe it was a caching issue on the part of True.

true online

After some digging and Googling I found one suggestion to try using True’s own proxy server. Yes, some said it will breakdown too but anything is worth a try and this can easily be switched back.

I simply went into my browsers connection setting and opted to use the following: Port 8080

PROBLEM SOLVED. Yes, I’m sure it will be temporary and won’t last but until the good folks at True Internet get their act together it lets me get on with what I need to do.

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