Songwriter Night At Maggie Choo’s

Over a year showcasing young and amazing origina music talent. This month is no exception, with the amazing Lips Manly, fresh off a new album. Synth cross-over Orbital XX will take you places, while the talents of South African Duncan Allan will keep you to your seats. Show opener, Shirl, is bound to be a star with one of the best young voices around.

Orbital XX (Live synth trio)
Lips Manly (Vintage ensemble)
Duncan Allan (South African Songwriter)
Shirl (Young Thai songwriter)

Singer Songwriter Night # 14
★ 27th of September 2018
★ 9pm to 12am (late DJ until 2am)
★ Free Entry

Songwriter Night At Maggie Choo

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – About the artists – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Lips Manly

Presenting Lips Manly, a journey into the a bygone era of vest shirts, bow ties and catchy anthems.

Will Corbin (lead vocalist, songwriter and producer of Lips Manly) is a native of the United States, but has been performing in Thailand since 2011. In March of that year he won the Ukulele Championship of Thailand 2011 with his then musical partner Kitti Bronco. Since then he has performed regularly at live venues, festivals and events and toured throughout the Southeast Asia region while continuing to refine his performance style and lyrical and musical expression. One of the most unusual and talented musical acts on the Bangkok circuit.

Duncan Allan

Another fresh act on the scene, South African Duncan Allan has a subtle energy. Weaving stories through his lyrics and beautifully layered, yet simple, guitar work he has begun to create a solid following of adoring fans. Brand new single ‘Fools’ now out.

Shirly Losmithgul

One of the most talented young performers to grace Bangkok’s music scene, Shirly is at the start of what will surely be a long music career. With beautiful, personal renditions of popular songs and undying energy only the young can capture, Shirly is starting to make waves among Bangkok’s artists. Keep an eye on this one, she is a future star.