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The Impossible Now On Netflix



The Impossible Now On Netflix

The Impossible captures the moment the tsunami made landfall in Thailand telling the story of a family struggling to survive in the aftermath.

When the tsunami reached Thailand waves were traveling at 500 mph. Nearly 5,400 people in Thailand would lose their lives, including 2,000 foreign tourists.

Among the tourists who would survive were María Belón, Enrique Alvárez, and their three children Lucas, Simón, and Tomás. The Impossible tells the real-life survival story of this family.

The Impossible has just been released om Netflix and stars Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland.

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Friends Ultimate Trivia Christmas Brunch



Friends Ultimate Trivia Christmas Brunch

It’s Christmas at Central Perk as we bring to you the Ultimate Friends Trivia Christmas Brunch this December!

Test your ’Friends’ knowledge to win cash prizes, food/drink vouchers, merchandising, and the chance to be crowned Bangkok’s No 1 ‘Friends’ SUPERFAN!

Relive your favourite 90’s TV Show whilst enjoying delicious Greek food and drinks at Aesop’s Restaurant in Sathorn.

1. Get together groups of 2-5 people or you will be assigned to groups
2. Groups are given an answer sheet and answer the questions with “Clips From Episodes” to assist
3. Groups with majority points win prizes

Presented by Bangkok Hilarious Comedy Club, Signal Flair & Aesop’s Greek Restaurant.



– 2500THB (5 PEOPLE)
: Food/Drink Choices of Chicken Gyros, Falafel Gyros, Greek Salad, or Spanakopita (Drink: Water or Soft Drink)

Aesop’s Bangkok – 120 Soi Saladeang 1/1 Silom Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500. BTS Sala Daeng, MRT Lumpini

Sunday/ December 6 / 1:00PM
(Brunch Starts: 1:00PM, Trivia Starts: 2:00PM)

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2021 Bangkok Snow Removal Calendar



bangkok snow calendar

Why not start the year with an awesome 2021 Bangkok Snow Removal 18-month calendar featuring local scenes from around Bangkok, all covered in a blanket of pure white snow?

They look fabulous and are (easy) Christmas gifts for family and friends back home.

Christmas cards featuring the snowy scenes are also available.

To order contact

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FMD Presents Fight Circus Vol. 2: Circus Harder



Circus Harder

With the world on its knees, only one organization in the world stood up and delivered the kind of no-nonsense, high impact, yet heart-warmingly inclusive and progressive event needed to truly unite humanity.

The only event to out-weird 2020, Asia’s favourite MMA Promotion, Full Metal Dojo, shocked the world in August with their new format – Fight Circus – featuring the freakiest fight matchups you’ve always wanted to see, including super heavyweight, 2 vs 1 MMA, female Lethwei, a kicking only bout and intergender grappling.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the Fight Circus is coming to town again with Fight Circus Vol. 2: Circus Harder live from Bangkok, Thailand. And again, the event will live stream to the world exclusively on CamSoda, home of the world’s best adult webcams. Join the group chat with fans from around the world and tip the fighters in live time as they fight for your home entertainment.

Livestream: Fight Circus Vol. 2: Circus Harder will be broadcast exclusively on & The livestream starts at 7pm PT / 10pm ET / 3am GMT / 10am Thailand, Saturday/Sunday November 21st/22nd.

The event is free to view only on CamSoda. For the full Fight Circus experience, click “Join Now Free”, register to CamSoda and then “Add Tokens”, so you can join in the live tipping of your favourite Fight Circus fighters during the event, and join the debate and japes with fans around the world in the group chat room. The direct link to the event is at

Circus Harder will be hosted by fight promoter and President of Full Metal Dojo, Mr Jon Nutt, and live commentary will be coming to you from Teddy Mulvagh and Arran Sirisompan, as well as expert analysis from our global web of superstar fight pundits.

Fight Card: Featuring some of the heroes from Fight Circus Vol. 1 and a whole host of new talent in some never-seen-before crazy Fight Circus match-ups, here is the latest fight card for Fight Circus Vol. 2 with more to come:

Bare Knuckle Boxing
TJ “HellBoy” Chang, UK
Whanphichit “Sriratcha” Siriphana, Thailand, Sitchansing Muay Thai

Brash, cocky, heavily tattooed and super handsome, TJ Chang is the Conor McGregor of the Bangkok expat world with a huge local following, and like the Notorious one, he is especially adept in the art of two fists. For this bout, the boxer will be removing his gloves for the first time and will take on Muay Thai veteran, Thailand’s own Whanphichit Siriphana, a fighter we refer to as Crazy Thai Guy.

3 vs 1 MMA
Steve “Panda” Banks, USA, Phuket Top Team
Gilberto Patrocinio, Brazil & ? & ?

It’s well-known that nobody likes Americans. Therefore in order to beat them, it’s only fair that members of the less powerful nations gang up against them. And so, in the spirit of fairness, Fight Circus Vol: 1 headline winner and former WBC Muaythai World Super Heavyweight Champion, Man Mountain, Steve “Panda” Banks will take on not 1, not 2, but 3 other people at the same time! They will be: Gilberto Patrocinio, a professional featherweight Brazilian MMA fighter with a 10-4 record and BJJ black belt; plus two yet-be-chosen random dudes to be picked off the street and be the middle and little finger of this three-fingered fighting fist force team.

66kg Kicking Only
Watcharin “Tetee” Sae-be, Thailand, Denman Camp
Thiti “Tac” Arakphotchong, Thailand, White Knight Muay Thai

After humiliating the Muay Thai world with his stunning Kicking Only victory last time round, “Karate Kid” Tetee, will take on the world of Kung Fu, in the form of a Thai guy and Kung Fu aficionado named Tac.

Battle of the Bands 2 VS 2 Tag Team
Jimmy Revolt
Gods Fried Bananas

The world of local bands is one of misunderstood, struggling groups of artists fighting to get their music heard by the world, whilst competing with other groups of similarly-clad groups of artists with mostly-identical guitar chords, doing much the same. Unlike the world of combat sports, rivals can’t simply take their grievances into the ring … until now! Rival Bangkok bands Jimmy Revolt and Gods Fried Bananas have never liked each other. In fact, they kind of hate each other, and will soon compete in the Ultimate Battle of the Bands, as they drop their instruments and have an actual fight. There may not be blood, but there will be rules! They will fight 2 VS 2 with the ability to tag team in their bandmates from behind the ropes until some kind of horrific group victory emerges.

78kg Spinning Strikes and Kicks only
Fabiano Hawthorne, Brazil, Nova União Phuket
Chayanon “Not” Phothijun, Thailand

Sometimes in life you have to go backwards before you go forwards. Never has this been more true than in the world-first 78kg Spinning Strikes and Kicks only fight! 37-year-old Brazilian welterweight Fabiano Hawthorne comes with a 39-19 Muay Thai record and innate Capoeira skills. He faces one of Thailand’s top MMA fighters and FMD veteran, Chayanon “Not” Phothijun.

Women’s Indian Leg Wrestling
Jamaika Forsyth, Thailand/Australia
Tracy Eden Larby, UK

Jamaika and Tracy are both fitness models who will show up looking the part for a best-out-of-5 Indian Leg Wrestling Tournament! What is Indian Leg Wrestling anyway? Find out soon, only at Fight Circus.

2 Vs 1 MMA
Bank & No Money, Thailand, White Knight Muay Thai
Ali “Kind of Kebab” Mohammed, Iran, Ali’s Gym

After their triumphant 2 VS 1 win over Mikhail Vetrila in the last Fight Circus, Bangkok B-boys Bank & No Money are now the default pound-for-pound best 2 VS 1 team in the world. Ali Mohammed is still the top Iranian kebab maker on the world-famous fighter street of Soi Tai-ed in Phuket. After training and falling out with Mikhail Vetrila over his cut of the purse at the last Fight Circus, Ali will now take on Bank & No Money himself, to show Mikhail what a loser he is.

Openweight MMA
Rockie Bactol, Philippines, Yorky MMA
Tangmo, Thailand, Tang Mo’s Bakery

Hot, young, up-and-coming Filipino bantamweight fighter and FMD veteran Rockie Bactol, fighting out of Bangkok’s Yorky MMA Gym, takes on legendary heavyweight of any combat sport that can accommodate him, straight out of Bangkok, This is Tangmo!
Livestream: 7pm PT / 10pm ET / 3am GMT / 10am Thailand, Saturday 21st / Sunday 22nd, November only at &

Live Event: Sunday, November 22nd, 2020. Doors open: 9am. Show starts: 10am.

Venue: Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand.

Near Nana BTS Station. Parking available under the nightclub and nearby.

Tickets: 1200 baht in advance from 1500 baht on the door.

Table bookings: Email or Facebook Messenger at Full Metal Dojo or Insanity Nightclub or call 0827318885.
The only way to get a table is with a minimum F&B spend:
Ringside: 9000 baht per table. Max. 6 people (double tables).
Rows 2&3: 6000 per table. Max. 6 people (double tables).
Row 4 onwards: 3000 per table. Max. 3 people (single tables).
Sofa Booths: available on request.

Bottles Packages.
Free Flow – all you can drink deal – 1500 baht for beer, Bloody Marys, Mimosa cocktails and Standard Pour mixed drinks.
Regular Menu.

Media Weigh-in: 6pm, Saturday, November 21st, The Clubhouse Bar, Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok. Free entry. All are welcome to see the Fight Circus Vol. 2 fighters face off for the cameras.

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