“Tips” For Using The Visa4UK Application Website

Published on 15th July 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Thankfully I’ve had no reason to use the Visa4UK Application website but it seems those who have aren’t too happy with its usability and have complained in their droves to the UK Visa & Immigration Service.

So some bright spark in an oversized office in London who goes to work every day in an unimpressive gray suit has ordered some low level civil servant in an even cheaper suit to come up with a list of “top tips” to make using the site easier to use for those who have been complaining loudly and making the big boss look like a tool who isn’t up to the task.

The outcome is a list of tips for “Dummies”. I personally love top #4. Use Firefox 25. The current version of the Firefox browser is 30 … dear oh dear. What chance have the users got?

Tips For Using The Visa4UK Application Website

Okay, drum roll, time for the top tips for using the Visa4UK Application website.

1. All UK visa application forms must be completed online at www.Visa4UK.fco.gov.uk

2. Have all your personal information and documents to hand before you start. e.g. passport, previous passports, travel history, details of where you will stay etc.

3. Have your credit card ready to make your payment. You can make your application and pay later, but if you wish to complete the process in one step, have your card details available.

4. If the visa4UK site is loading slowly or incorrectly, try a different browser. Our system works best with: Internet Explorer 10, 9 and 8; Chrome 30 and 29; and Firefox 25. If you are not using one of the tested Web Browsers you may encounter errors when creating your account and applications.

5. Only complete the online application form in ENGLISH

6. Only book a Tier 4 student appointment if you are making a Tier 4 student application.

7. If you continue to experience technical problems, you can contact technical support at: UKBAIG.ServiceIntegration@fco.gov.uk

Yeah, good luck folks.

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