The Top 10 People NOT To Follow In The Thai-Twitterverse

Published on 18th December 2014 by Stickboy BKK

For Stickboy Bangkok social media has been an enormous help in growing the site and topping the list is Twitter.

In the seven or eight months since i created @StickboyBangkok I have followed and unfollwed hundreds if not thousands of people in my quest to get the most out of all the info, news, photos, videos, opinions and random thoughts of people Tweeting about Thailand and Bangkok.

No Retweets or interaction, Tweeting only links to your business, automated Tweets to FB updates, 50%+ politics or non-Thai related Tweets and too much “noise” – usually chit-chat amongst friends that often fills your timeline full of irrelevant conversations that mean nothing to anyone else – are all a 1st class ticket to the Unfollow, Remove From List and Mute buttons.

10 People NOT To Follow In The Thai-Twitterverse

Top 10 People NOT To Follow In The Thai-Twitterverse

#1 @CoconutsBangkok · Number one and no link for being a bunch of cowards for hiding behind “Staff” when they called Stickboy Bangkok a “sexpat blog”. 100% Cocobollocks.

#2 Jonathan Head @pakhead · BBC journo who reports Thailand through tinted glasses with often misleading reports & analysis. Not how I want my news, thanks but no thanks. (Muted)

#3 Andrew MacG Marshall @zenjournalist – Former Reuters hack who Tweets and bleats from afar about Thai politics with Royalty being his biggest obsession. A one-way timeline to snoozeville. (Muted)

#4 ThaiVisa @georgebkk – Tweets non stop links, no retweets and no interaction. Everything I don’t want from an account I follow.

#5 Mark Kent @kentbkk – An overpaid, boot-licking, ass-kissing, civil servant who dodges questions from British citizens in Thailand like I dodge bullets playing Call Of Duty. Nuff said. (Muted)

#6 Andy Hall @atomicalandy – Human rights activist who got got for sticking his nose where it wasn’t wanted IMO knowing full well what the risks and consequences were. One dimensional drone on this TL. (Muted)

#7 Adam Sharpe (@MrAdamSharpe – I’ve never met Adam and in the real world he may well be a top bloke but on Twitter where he is popular with a few others I follow he hits red on that “noise” level meter. One of many but alphabetical order meant Adam was top of the list (Muted)

#8 ThaiMythbuster @thaimythbuster – Not much busting going on here except my balls with constant word twisting to suit their own personal and political views. Doesn’t do what it says on the tin. (Muted)

#9 Andrew Spooner @andrewspoooner – In compiling this list I visited each page to grab the url and it turns out Mr Spooner has blocked me for reasons known only to him as I have never conversed with the man. A megamouth who likes to pick a fight with anyone who voices a different opinion to his. (Muted)

#10 Richard Barrow @RichardBarrow – This list would not be complete without the inclusion of Richard “Mr Thailand” Barrow. Loved and hated in equal amounts across the Thai-Twitterverse. The noodle loving, drone flying, travel blogger without doubt has some informative tweets but seems to have a knack of pissing people off with his know-it-all style. For me there are only so many sunflowers and temple photos I can take in a year so RB is on a text-only List.

Happy to finish off by telling you none of the above follow me either so I’m not about to lose ten followers. 555+

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