How To Watch Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer & More In Thailand

Published on 15th November 2013 by Stickboy BKK

There are lots of ways to watch TV from your home country whilst here in Thailand but most are a pain or costly if you are planning on just watching the odd show here and there.

watch bbc iplayer in thailand

The first solutions that you will often hear mentioned and suggested will have you changing your DNS server or signing up for a VPN. I’ve tried several of these options and find them more headache than helpful. All of them have been uninstalled within an hour of trying them out. Total waste of time.

Then we have the Thai based companies such as ExpatTV offering packages that will stream live TV into a box via your net connection then beam it on to your big screen TV. Now these run from about 500 to 1,000 baht a month which is a bit steep if you are just a casual viewer like myself.

If you love watching the box this could be a viable option but for casual viewers then why spend 1,000 baht for something that will sit on standby 99% of the time when you can just install the Hola Unblocker browser extension.

hola watch tv in thailand

Hola Unblocker makes the process if watching TV from abroad simple. Just install the extension, and Hola Unblocker does the rest. You don’t need to reboot or change any setting in your browser.

Currently, Hola supports Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, CBS, and Fox.

I’ve been using the Chrome extension for a few days now and have encountered no problems watching the BBC iPlayer and Hula service.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You should read this before installing Hola.

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