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€15k Bank Balance For 6 Months Required For Single Entry Tourist Visa Applications In Helsinki



Helsinki Require 6 Months Bank Statements Showing 15,000 Euro Balance

The Royal Thai Embassy in Helsinki have confirmed that anyone applying for a single entry 60-day Tourist Visa must provide 6 months of bank statements showing a balance of 15,000 Euro.

The extraordinary requirement came to light over the weekend when several posts on Facebook and Twitter went viral stating “Thailand will soon require a minimum of €15k balance and six months of bank statements for European travellers”.

While it is not possible to enter Thailand at this point in time on a regular Tourist Visa, many are looking ahead to next year and planning holidays to the Land Of Smiles.

Rules and requirements vary slightly from embassy to embassy when applying for a visa.

Some official embassy websites have completely removed all information related to Tourist Visas, both single and multiple entry, while others continue to publish lists of documents required and application forms, Helsinki in Finland being one of them.

When viewing the page “Tourist Visa started 9.10.2020” on the list of required documents is as follows:


Everything you would expect until you reach number 6 on the list.

6. Current bank statement of the applicant showing the closing balance (each month) of 15,000 euro/person for last 6 months in English or Finnish. The bank statement must show account owner.

Thinking it was a typo or Euro had been mistaken for Baht I reached out to the embassy for clarification on the matter as it is a ridiculous ask to show a balance of 15,000 Euro (550,000 baht) for six months in your bank for a 2-week break.

While awaiting their response I took a look at the financial requirements being asked at other embassies around the world just to be sure this wasn’t a new policy that slipped under the radar during the anti-government protests.

Los Angeles
A copy of recent bank statement (showing a balance of at least $700 per person or $1,500 per family) (The name of the applicant must indicated clearly), In case of submitting family bank statement a proof of relationship (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate) must be provided.

Une photocopie du justificatif financier (monnaie en euro),: le relevé de compte bancaire récent (moins de 30 jours à compter de la date de dépôt) avec un montant de 1000 € minimum par demandeur ou 2000 € pour un compte commun ou une attestation bancaire signée et tamponnée par la banque. Une photocopie du livret de famille est demandée dans le cas où le relevé de compte bancaire n’est pas au nom de demandeur, âgé de moins de 20 ans.

Copy of updated bank statement providing of adequate finances (THB 10,000 per person, or THB 20,000 per family)

Bank Statement or Proof of Income with a minimum balance of 550 Euro

Proof of financial means (20,000 baht per person/40,000 baht per family)

While each of the five asks for different amounts, they are within an acceptable range leading me to expect a reply stating the Helsinki requirements were indeed a mistake.

Apparently not.

After several emails back and forth with me pushing harder each time for an actual answer to my questions, “Is this a mistake and if not when was this policy introduced and by who?”.

Below was their final response:


We received the information internally form the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand.

Best regards,
W======= S.
Visa Section

At the time of publishing, the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs had yet to respond to my request for a comment on the matter.

I’m still not convinced this information from the Royal Thai Embassy in Helsinki is correct.

Asking backpackers heading to Khaosan Road and the southern islands for a couple of months to show 15,000 Euro in the bank for 6 months just doesn’t make sense.

UPDATE: Several other embassies have now updated their websites for SETV applications and also include the 500,000 baht in the bank for six months requirement.

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Government Set To Launch New Covid Relief Package



Government Set To launch New Covid Relief Package

The government will launch a new relief package worth 225 billion baht to help 51 million people affected by the latest outbreak of COVID-19.

As part of the new measures, which will go before Cabinet next week, the government will launch a “Ying Chai Ying Dai” (the more you spend, the more you get) scheme, to give away e-vouchers, from July to September, to encourage the purchase of food, household products and services through the government’s e-wallet system.

Additionally, the relief package consists of a 67-billion-baht extension of the “Rao Chana” scheme, a new 18.5-billion-baht phase of the “Section 33 Rao Rak Kan” scheme and other measures worth around 140 billion baht in total. The “Khon La Khrueng” co-pay scheme will also be continued, providing 3,000-baht subsidies for everyday expenses.

For employees of private companies, the self-employed and farmers, the government will offer loans of 10,000 baht each, with a monthly interest rate of 0.35% for up to three years. The loans, totalling 20 billion baht, will be issued through the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives and the Government Savings Bank.

NNT- National News Bureau of Thailand

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Important Update Regarding Vaccines For Foreigners In Thailand



Important Update Regarding Vaccines For Foreigners In Thailand

A spokesperson for the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs addressed the topic of vaccines for foreign residents residing in Thailand at today’s daily CCSA breifing.

This issue was the major talking point yesterday on social media among the expat community following a quote from a mid-level bureaucrat at the Ministry Of Public Health that was spun into clickbait by the Bangkok Post that left foreigners believing they would be last in line to be vaccinated.

Several key points were addressed including the lack of functionality on the official government app to register for the jab if you don’t have a Thai ID card.

Watch the full statement from Khun Phensom Lertsittichai below.

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New Crypto Regulations In Thailand Require In-Person ID Checks

From September anyone in Thailand who wants to open a new cryptocurrency account must register in person, following an announcement from the Anti-Money Laundering Office.

Those wishing to set up a new crypto account will be required to submit key documents in person to register, as well as scan their Thai identification card in what is being referred to as a “dip-chip” machine.

The dip-chip machine system has successfully been used previously to register gold traders across Thailand.

Authorities expect the opening of crypto accounts to slow with the new rules as the opening of exchange accounts has traditionally been done online.

Some argue that having to physically register goes against the concept of crypto being a decentralized and digital system.

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