18 Vehicle Pile-Up In Surat Thani

Published on 19th September 2016 by Stickboy BKK

18 vehicle pile up surat thani

Emergency services took around 3 hours to clear an 18 vehicle pile-up in Surat Than on Monday afternoon that was started by an out-of-control cement mixer.

The accident occurred on a hilly stretch of road between Na Sarn district and Surat Thani when a cement mixer became lodged on the central reservation.

A crane was brought in to pull the truck free which is when it all went pear-shaped. As the freed truck was slowly moving down the slope followed by several other vehicles including a trailer-truck carrying a full load that failed to break, slamming into a car and setting off a chain reaction of bumps, resulting in an 18-vehicle pile-up.

Fortunately there were no fatalities with several people suffering only minor injuries.

Photo Credit: ThaiPBS

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