3 Killed, 1 Injured After House Collapses While Being Moved

Published on 17th January 2020 by Stickboy BKK

House Collapses While Being Moved

Three workers were killed and one injured after a building construction collapsed in Sukhothai, northern Thailand on Wednesday evening.

Builders had spent two days preparing the wooden and concrete house to be moved when they thought they had everything in place.

But while the workers were lifting up a part of the house, the building fell apart and trapped four of them below.

House owner Lampan Usaprommin said that she had been checking the construction worth with her husband for two days when the house ”suddenly collapsed with no reason”.

She said: “The building fell down in the full view of my eyes. I tried to help the contractors, then called the rescuers for help.”

Emergency crews battled through the rubble to recover the trapped bodies.

They said one worker was sent to hospital while two others died under the collapsed building. Another who was injured died later that day.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sutthipan Khamma-ai said that the case is being investigated.

He said: “After the funeral of the dead constructors, all the witnesses and colleges will be questioned.”

The husband, Poonpeng Usaprommin, said the family will not live in the house anymore: “The tangled house has to be dismantled. We will find a new place to settle”.

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