UPDATED: Abducted American Adds A New Chapter To The Tale

American Claims She Was Abducted Raises 8k To Go Home

Family and friends of a young American woman who claims she was abducted from a bar in Thailand by a group of men in uniform while her college roommate was at the bathroom have raised almost $8,000 via a gofundme page to fly her home to safety.

The problem is Alex Fairfield’s story told via fox17online.com and the fundraising page has more holes in it than a golf course.

I’m not saying the young woman is lying, just the story, if true, lacks many important details and for me doesn’t add up.

Perhaps it’s best you read the appeal for help first while I find myself a spade to do a bit of digging.

Alex was kidnapped by a group of people in Thailand. They waited for her college roommate, Joe, to leave for the bathroom and took her and threw her in a car.

She woke up in a windowless apartment with a bare mattress on the floor and her arms tied. She was still clothed and able to fight off her attacker, who was in uniform, and escape.

After jumping off a balcony she tried getting help from several people. They would not help her so she hid in the bushes and was able to conceal herself for 6-7 hours until morning.

While she was hiding, before anything was reported, she watched police come look for her with flashlights. We can only assume the man in uniform called them (police are very corrupt in Thailand).

When morning came she was able to crawl out, but still no one would help her.

The security guards she came across only laughed at her and asked for money, which she did not have.

She was able to get a taxi back to the hotel were Joe was and call us. The embassy was called but only took her report and left them to fend for themselves.

She is in a different room under an alias, but obviously we don’t want her there, period. We will all feel better when she is home.

We ask for any donations to help replace the money that was stolen from her and to help with travel costs for her and Joe’s flight back home. Any help is greatly appreciated.

All excess money will be donated to an organization that combats sex trafficking.
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Now that is as sketchy as it comes and sounds like something you’d watch at the cinema.

Here’s Fox17’s take on it with a few quotes from her family in Michigan.

Relatives say Fairfield went to a bar with her friend Joe after a long day of sightseeing. When he got up and went to the restroom, she said she felt sick and tired. They say the next thing she knew she woke up with her hands bound in an unknown place.

According to Fairfield and her family, a man from Thailand law enforcement walked into the room, but he wasn’t there to help.

“It wasn’t until one of the kidnappers dressed in uniform came into the room and attempted to rape her that she came to her senses,” said Alex Moore, Fairfield’s brother-in-law.

They say that despite the photographic proof, they’re not getting much help overseas.

Relatives say Fairfield is afraid she might see her kidnapper again if he’s part of their law enforcement. Without a police report, the (US) embassy said there’s not much they can do.

“When she attempted to go to the airport to get her ticket, the airline who she booked through said they weren’t able to do that and didn’t give explicit reasons to why,” said Moore. “And ultimately just said ‘No, you can’t board this flight.’ The sooner we can get her out, the better.”

The U.S. Embassy said they have checked on her to make sure she is safe. They helped move her to a different hotel, and put her under an alias. Her family said they are communicating with her through Facebook Messenger since her phone was taken during the alleged abduction.

They are working to re-book her flights to get her home. Her friend Joe is with her again as well.

Family: West Michigan woman stuck in Thailand after escaping abduction

Is there such a thing as a 36 hole golf course?

As I type $7,842 of the $3,000 goal has been raised. Is it really so expensive to book a flight to the USA?

Why didn’t her family contact the original airline customer services dept or HQ for assistance before running to create a gofundme page? If the pair wanted to remain safe instead of hiding in hotel rooms, why not go to the airport and speak with the Tourist Police who would have assisted?

When was her money and phone stolen? What about her roommates holiday fund? He surely had cash to temporarily keep the pair safe, right?

So many questions without answers but there’s no point in me typing them all as you already have a dozen of your own that need answered before we even start on mine.

Hell, Fox didn’t even tell us the most basic facts like her age. Why didn’t they make contact with an airline and sort something out? Good press for all involved.

I hope Miss Fairfield and her friend get home safely and she wasn’t harmed but her story, in my opinion, is the work of her imagination after something of her own doing went pear-shaped.

Jumping balconies and hiding in bushes all night my arse…

UPDATED: It appears I missed a scene from the American Abduction movie script… either that or it’s a late addition.

Another news report is quoting the mother who said the kidnapping happened outside a Bangkok nightclub and before Amazing Alex jumped over a balcony she put up a fight.

Last week, 25-year-old Alexandra Fairfield and her friend Joe left Michigan for a Thailand vacation. On their first night in Bangkok, they went to a nightclub.

“She said that Joe went into the bathroom and she was feeling a little woozy we don’t know for a fact that her drink was drugged however the person was able to get to the front door without being seen and then had four or five other people they picked her up outside of the door and threw her into a black car with tinted windows,” said Fairfield.

Her mother says when she awoke, she was tied up in a cement room with a man who tried to rape her.

“She jumped on him and she took the heel of her hand she said and smashed it into his nose three times, he reeled backwards and fell onto the ground, she said she kicked him a couple more times,” said Fairfield.

Her mother tells us that Alexandra jumped out of a second floor balcony and then hid in some bushes for 7 hours. But says she did not file a police report because she doesn’t trust police there.

“You can’t trust local authorities there because you don’t know what their laws are or what they will do,” said Fairfield.

When she went to the airport to fly home, Alexandra’s Mother says she had more problems.

“She went to the airport and they have canceled her flight and there is no explanation, she is trying like crazy to get another flight scheduled but there is not any progress being made, she contacted the US embassy but since she did file a police report they cannot get involved,” said Fairfield.


Photo Credit: gofundme.com