Another Two Weekends Of Booze Bans

Published on 21st March 2014 by Stickboy BKK
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Elections in Thailand means that booze bans are “enforced” where voting is taking place and sales of the old jungle juice are prohibited.

Just how strictly those bans are enforced depends on many factors but in my ten years here I have always found there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs flouting the ban.

Officially there is a ban on the sale of alcohol this weekend and next for (advance) voting in the Senate elections, so from 6pm on Saturday until midnight on Sunday the country should be dry. Not that it will happen that way.

Patpong never seems to close for anything. “Late night” venues seem to use smaller, less profitable, bars that are part of the same group as pawns and close them as a sign of goodwill to the tea drinkers. Other pubs and clubs open as they are attached to hotels and lastly there are those who simply take the risk of selling booze in the hope they aren’t caught.

So “officially” most places will be closed this weekend and next, or serving only soft drinks if they bother to open. “Unofficially”, everything will carry on as normal with the odd place shut here and there with those open selling booze in plastic cups.

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