Army Close Down Crazy House

Published on 26th October 2016 by Stickboy BKK

army close down crazy house

For the past four days I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of what happened at Crazy House on Soi 23 this past weekend.

On Friday night around midnight they were busted by the police and military, that much I know for sure. They were told to get their house in order by cops because the army would be coming in 10 minutes. Soldiers were on their doorstep within 60 seconds and they were caught with their pants down – literally.

Following the raid a dozen different stories have been doing the rounds and it appears there’s little truth to any of them.

army close down crazy house

What they were busted for?

Anyone who knows of or has heard about Crazy House should be able to figure that out pretty quickly. If you haven’t heard of this place all I’ll say is that this bars owners turn a blind eye to everything from the date of birth to the nationality of their dancers who always seem to forget to put clothes on when they start a shift.

The rumours stated their punishment was a complete closure to a one-month shutdown, however, a friend paid a visit on Saturday night and said it was open as normal with the dancers now in black mini dresses, although they’d all forget to put on a a pair of knickers.

Sunday night the lights were out and it was the same on Monday. Word filtered through from a member of staff that they’d been ordered closed for just two days and she seemed to be on the money with her info as it was business usual on Tuesday night at 8.45pm with the lights on and the stage full of dancers.

army close down crazy house

Within 20 minutes my beer was interrupted when a friend of a friend informed us Crazy House had just been ordered closed and told not to reopen until November 1st. This order came from one plain clothes officer from the local police district who’d been told by the guys in green to go and do his job.

Now this is where things take a twist.

She told us that when they reopen they need to change the name of the bar and fall into line with the other venues around the corner on the neon alley. In other words, no more birthday suits.

Will any of it pan out that way? I’ve no idea as Crazy House are a law unto themselves and get away with practices no other bar can and have done so since the day they opened.

If they reopened tonight and had a stage full of naked girls I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

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