Army Plan To Clear Victory Monument Of All Minivans By Year End

Published on 31st May 2016 by Stickboy BKK


Sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day covering news in Bangkok and Thailand especially when it comes to government proposals and plans that seem to get churned out on a regular basis yet nothing much ever comes of them like the announcement on Tuesday that minivans are to be cleared from Victory Monument before the year is out.

Haven’t we heard this plan before, at least twice in as many years? I think we have.

Now credit where credit is due, in the summer of 2014 the army did kick some ass and put a few things right with the minivan madness in and around Victory Monument but like so many other grand plans they stopped short of finishing the job.

Maybe they will with their latest plan to integrate around 3,000 illegally-operated passenger vans into the transport system as part of a country-wide reorganisation that it’s claimed will end the chaos at Victory Monument.

victory monument mini vans july 2014

Maj Gen Chalermpol Srisawat, commander of the 2nd Cavalry Division, said all passenger vans in Thailand will be placed into one of four categories depending on where they operate.

Those operating out of Victory Monument will be overseen by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority if they run services in Bangkok and surrounding provinces.

Those operating between Bangkok and other provinces, between provinces outside Bangkok and intra-provincial operators with be supervised by the Transport Co and DLT.

Minivans be no longer be allowed to park at Victory Monument or other any other makeshift depots. Those that do will lose their licences, Maj Gen Chalermpol said, adding all passenger vans will be assigned designated terminals.

victory monument mini vans july 2014

The hope is the reorganisation will be complete by September, however, those heading the changes have given themselves until the end of the year, as a get out if things don’t go to plan or more likely, a backlash from van operators, drivers and the public they serve.

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