Aussie Arrested In Phuket For Stealing Drone

Aussie Arrested In Phuket For Stealing Drone

An Australian tourist is facing up to five years in prison after allegedly stealing a drone from a gadget shop in Phuket last month.

Ayden Depp, 38, was caught on CCTV leaving the Central Floresta store with the 28,990 Baht item on December 26.

Police said he then left the country for Yangon in neighbouring Burma but was detained at the island’s airport when he flew back to Thailand last Saturday.

Officers said they raided Depp’s rented apartment where they found designer handbags and sunglasses, which they believe were also stolen and worth more than 100,000 baht.

The Aussie couldn’t produce any receipts for the luxury goods discovered by cops who remanded him in custody pending further enquiries.