Aussie Teen Tells Cops He Was Robbed At Gunpoint, He Lied

Published on 26th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Aussie Teen Tells Cops He Was Robbed At Gunpoint

An Australian teenager admitted he was telling porky pies when he claimed he was robbed at gunpoint in Phuket, confessing he actually was so drunk, he lost all his belongings.

Terrance John White, 19, went to reception at his Nai Yang hotel to say four men, two of them on motorbikes, stole 10,000 baht and his iPhone X after a cheating taxi driver dumped him on a dark roadside near the junction of Mu Dok and Sakoo roads.

He and the taxi driver had fallen out after the driver refused to use the meter, White claimed.

Police immediately launched a manhunt for the four robbers and the cabbie. But in the sober light of dawn, White’s story suddenly changed.
He admitted he had taken a taxi from Nai Yang to Phuket Town and then to Patong to drink. And he’d done a good job of it, getting smashed by 11:30 p.m. He then hailed a cab back to the mainland.

There was not tiff over the meter and the cabbie dropped the Newbie South Wales native off at his hotel without problem. But when he arrived, he realized he was out 10K and his Apple device.

White was planning on boozing it up in Thailand until Dec. 11, so he needed that cash. What better way to get it back than cry wolf?
The Aussie’s Thai holiday will be one he won’t forget, for sure, as he now faces charges for filing a fake police report and possibly trying to defraud his travel insurance company.

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