Baggage Handler Caught Stealing From Passenger

Baggage Handler Caught Stealing From Passenger

A baggage handler at Suvarnabhumi Airport was arrested after rummaging through a tourist’s suitcase to steal cash unaware that she had photographed each note.

South Korean tourist Lee So Yeong put 20,000 baht in her checked luggage before boarding from Seoul to Bangkok last Friday morning.

However, after landing at the Suvarnabhumi at around noon, Lee checked her baggage and found that 16 of the 20 notes missing.

She reported the lost money to the airport police and explained that before packing, she had photographed every note because she had read stories about items going missing from luggage.

The extra precautions paid off and police were able to use the images to trace the missing money.

Officers summoned all staff who had been in contact with the JeJu airlines flight before interrogating them and checking their lockers.

Police said that baggage handler Pairin Pholkan, 30, was found hiding four 1,000 baht notes in his locker.

They identified them from the matching serial numbers that were on the pictures the holidaymaker had taken.

Police Captain Siitipong Panthaisong said the baggage handler had admitted stealing the money.

It was not clear why the tourist had been so organised in photographing her money but had not used a lock on her suitcase.

Lee was reunited with the stolen cash and continued her trip.