Belgian Backpackers Claim They Were Robbed By Police In Bangkok

Belgian Backpackers Claim They Were Robbed By Police

A Belgian couple have claimed they were detained and robbed by a group of policeman in Bangkok on the last day of their vacation.

The story told by Maxime Kempeneer and Noel Borgs, both 28, from Hove has been all over the news in both their homeland and the Netherlands.

They allege they were stopped in Bangkok last Thursday by a policeman on a scooter who was soon joined by six or seven other “policemen”.

It’s then alleged they were taken to a police station by taxi where the woman had a gold necklace ripped from her neck and handed a piece of paper with 40,000 baht written on it.

After an hour of pleading with the seven men in the room the couple handed over all the cash they had on them – 100 Euro – to be released.

Miss Kempeneer said she had her gold necklace thrown back at her after telling the men it was fake.

The couple plan to lodge a formal complaint with the Belgian Embassy in Thailand, according to local media.

This story may indeed be true but the policemen most likely fake.

Unless they were stopped at an official checkpoint there wouldn’t be so many officers on the scene when they were first stopped and from what I can gather they were on foot when approached by the man on the scooter claiming to be a cop.

The use of a taxi to transport them to the police station doesn’t ring true either nor does their description of the room they were held that they said was small and dark.

No street name or area was given in any of the half dozen reports I read either – too much focus was given to their engagement and how a holiday of a lifetime had been ruined.

If the couple were robbed, I very much doubt those responsible were real policemen.