BEWARE: The Sukhumvit Scammer Is Back

The Sukhumvit Scammer Is Back

Just a quick heads up to let people know that the Sukhumvit scammer is back and up to his old tricks again after laying low for a couple of weeks.

I first mentioned this guy on social media at the beginning of May to warn expats and tourists not to entertain this conman if he approached them with his sob story as it is all lies.

He works on lower Sukhumvit with one of his favourite spots just below the Nana BTS station on the odd numbered side of the street.

He approaches anyone and everyone saying he has lost passport, needs money to eat and get a room so he can sort himself out before returning home.

Gullible people are handing over money to the scammer and once they are out of sight he is right back on it with his next potential victim trying for another fistful of baht.

His story may vary and he talks about money for flights etc but whatever is coming out his mouth is lies.

Don’t be sucked in by this guy. He is a conman.

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