Bogus Baht Remains Problem In Bangkok

Published on 30th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

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Check your change as Bangkok retailers report that fake 1,000-baht continue to circulate.

Convenience store owner Somsri Tongmuni, 44, said a dodgy guy presented her with a blatantly bogus bill Thursday at her Klongtom District outlet.

Somsri said she knew it was fake as soon as she touched it. It had a rough texture and, on closer look, some features of the bill were blurry.

Somsri said the funny-money passer quickly slapped down a real note and stormed out. She turned the bill in to local police and alerted the media to serve as a warning.

Bogus bills were a huge problem until several years ago when a series of new currency with improved anti-counterfeiting technology was added. Retailers bought scanners, lots of good bills were rejected for tears or crumples and shopping generally was a pain.

But as the counterfeit tide ebbed, so did people’s attention spans. Somsri said she wanted to tell people to remain vigilant, as the phony baht was still out there.

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