Brit Found Dead In Bangkok Hotel

Brit Found Dead In Bangkok Hotel

A British man died in his Bangkok hotel room just hours after arriving in the Land of Smiles.

According to U.K. tabloid The Sun, Luke Ramage, 31, was found by a receptionist sprawled on the bed of his Bavana Hotel room Sunday, however, the Brit actually died late Friday, early Saturday, according to his friends on Facebook.

Having only recently checked in, Ramage still had not unpacked. However, the safe was open and empty, except for a few packs of cigarettes.

Police have not ruled a cause of death, but are investigating a friend who checked into an adjacent room then disappeared after telling reception his mate “had a problem”.

dead brit Luke Ramage

Ramage had bruises to both his shoulders and legs, but it could not be determined how old the injuries were or if they were sustained at home.

The Sun, of course, is screaming bloody murder. But no one actually on the ground here is saying bupkis.

The newspaper quoted some unnamed source that said there were signs of a fight.

I’ll update the story when Big Joke and his mob come out with some actual facts.