BTS Dismiss Overcharging Claim

bts charges new stations

Operators of the BTS Skytrain have dismissed claims made online by social media users they are ripping passengers off by charging higher fares for trains passing stations not even built yet.

A poster has a bee in his bonnet thinking he and others are being overcharged and goes into great detail with calculations and diagrams to back up his argument.

Suksa Witthaya station is set to be added between the Chong Nonsi and Surasak on the Silom line and Sena Ruam station between Ari and Saphan Kwai stations on the Sukhumvit line. Both stations were part of the original BTS plan but skipped during construction for a number of reasons.

The two planned stations are listed on fare charts in Skytrain stations with prices and it’s those prices that have left some social media users confused.

bts overcharging claim

The problem with the overcharging accusation is, according to the BTS operators fare structure, prices are calculated on distance, with exception of the two extensions that run at a flat 10 baht extra, and not the number of stations which blows the argument of being overcharged by the number of stations clean out the water.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped the commuting crusader insisting he is correct. He feels so hard done by he has opened a petition on to have something done about this injustice.

bts fare chart