California Court Gives Green Light To Extradite Jet-Setting Ex-Monk

California Court Gives Green Light Extradite Jet-Setting Monk

A court in the US has approved the extradition of the jet-setting ex-monk Luang Pu Nen Kham wanted in Thailand for fraud, having sex with underage girls and money laundering.

Wirapol Sukphol, 38, aka Nen Kham, hit the headlines back in 2013 when he was pictured in a private jet with designer luggage, said to be involved with drugs, up to all sorts with women and alleged to have fathered a child with a minor. Not to mention amassing vast amounts of cash from here, there and everywhere.

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While on the run in the US, he shared more photos via Facebook of a mansion he’d apparently bought, luxury cars and told the world he was opening a new temple which would be built on his own Buddhist beliefs which he’d register as a foundation – in plain terms, a cult.

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After hearing the court in California’s verdict, the Office of the Attorney-General told Thai media they were ready to send a team to The States to escort the former monk back to Thailand.

When, and if, Nen Kham returns to Thaiuland his lifestyle will be somewhat different to what he’s become accustomed to as the Department of Special Investigation have already seized 380m baht worth of his assets.

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