Cheap Chinaman Bottled For Breaking Pattaya Go-Go Bar Taboo

Published on 29th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Cheap Chinaman Bottled For Breaking Pattaya Go-Go Bar Taboo

A handsy Chinaman nursing his one drink in a Pattaya go-go bar learned the hard way to either splash the cash or get out.

Police were called to the Taboo Club on Walking Street around 2:30 a.m. where they found a battered and bloody Yang Zhan, 25, a gaggle of Angry Birds and a self-righteous bouncer, all putting on their best pointing-pic audition.

Yang was treated on site for a minor head wound while the boys in brown tried to sort out what happened among three wildly different accounts.

If you asked the Cheap Chink, he was simply sitting there watching the coyotes minding his own business when a couple of tarts sat down and pestered him for lady drinks, despite politely asking them several times to go away. Finally, they up and attacked him out of the blue.

When the cops stopped laughing, they sorted out the reality of what transpired.

Cheap Chinaman Bottled For Breaking Pattaya Go-Go Bar Taboo

Yang was sitting with a couple of cute coyotes while sipping on one 140-baht drink. And Hainan Hands-on was going to get his money’s worth. Now, Taboo crumpet doesn’t have problems with customers sampling the merchandise, but they expect some lady drinks in return, which weren’t coming.

Two tarts and Yang’s waitress told him to drink up and leave. He refused and then committed the fatal faux pas of standing up and shouting obscenities at one hard-working lass, causing a massive loss of face. He then tossed his 140-baht on the table – no tip, of course – and tried to stomp out.

But the musclehead at the door wasn’t going to let Yang leave until he apologised. Words were exchanged, shouting ensued and somewhere along the way the Barbies bottled him.

Those two coyotes were fined 1,000 baht each, the bouncer and the Chinaman also were levied some unspecified fines and Taboo’s manager got busted for breaking the tacit agreement Walking Street bars have with the police: “You can stay open until 4 a.m. as long as you don’t do anything to besmirch the wholesome image of Pattaya.”

Taboo was cited for serving alcohol and staying open after permitted hours and it’s anyone’s guess if it will be open tonight.

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