Construction Worker Wanted For Raping NZ Tourist Arrested

Construction Worker Wanted For Raping NZ Tourist Arrested

Bangkok police have arrested a construction worker wanted for raping a Kiwi tourist early Saturday on Khaosan Road.

Anat Ouddee, 34, was arrested in Chonburi by police Monday following issuance of an arrest warrant for his attack on the 29-year-old New Zealand woman before 3 a.m. The crying victim had come running out of an under-construction building opposite Rajbophit Temple seeking police assistance.

Authorities quickly discovered video taken just before the attack. It showed the drunk-as-a-skunk victim exiting a taxi at 2:33 a.m. and then plunking herself down on the curb of an alley leading to the Issarp Hostel.

Head between her legs as if she were ready to vomit, the women is approached by a man in a white t-shirt, alleged to be Anat. He chats to her for a few moments then helps the woman to her feet and she staggers with him into the building site.

The victim had been scheduled to fly home Sunday, but got Immigration Bureau support to remain in the kingdom to testify against her attacker.

Anat was said by neighbors to be a local construction worker who often went out drinking at night and returned to the workers camp late.