Cops, Student Shoot It Out On Minburi Street

Published on 12th February 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Student Shoot It Out On Minburi Street

Police officials are sifting through witness reports and CCTV footage to determine why an officer shot dead a technical college student in Minburi.

An unidentified plainclothed officer with a group of narcotics police returning to his station shot Ekkachai Boonrat, 22, in the torso, killing him around 1:30 a.m. Monday at the entrance of Soi Rom Klao 6-8.

Police said Ekkachai opened fire on them for no reason as they rode in a pickup truck and on a motorcycle back to headquarters. Ekkachai’s friends say the police vehicles cut him off and made him crash his motorbike.

Student Shoot It Out On Minburi Street

No one disputes what happened next: Ekkachai emptied his .38-caliber handgun while cops returned fire. One cop was injured. Ekkachai got killed.

The scene almost totally got out of hand as about 50 of the dead man’s schoolmates surrounded the shooting officer, threatening to kill him. Surrounded, the officer fired twice in the air and then four times in their direction, with media and other police witnessing it. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Ekkachai’s father, Napassakorn, said he believes his son was shot in the back and is demanding to see the autopsy report and CCTV footage. He said the gun was not his and wasn’t even sure his son had a gun, although there was a holster under his belt and six bullets the dead man’s pocket.

Police claim they were driving back to Min Buri Station when Ekkachai tried to overtake the truck and fired into the vehicle. Investigators found a window smashed and a bullet lodged inside the cab.

Ekkachai’s friends said they all were coming back from a school anniversary event when the policeman on the motorcycle drove close to the dead man and started arguing. Then the police truck cut Ekkachai off and he crashed.

Police said they suspected Ekkachai was involved with drugs. His father denies it.

Right now, it’s a lot of cops said-dead guy said and both sides are waiting to see what the video shows.

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