Cops Again Sweep Lower Suk For Sex Toys They ‘Eliminated’ Last Year

Published on 6th February 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Cops Again Sweep Lower Suk For Sex Toys

Five months after Bangkok police ‘wiped out’ sales of sex drugs and toys on lower Sukhumvit for good, they went back out Tuesday night and did it again.

Officers and soldiers swept through the Nana area, raiding 10 sidewalk stalls on Soi 7/1 and arresting four people hawking fake Viagra, date-rape aphrodisiacs and a myriad of bedroom props. The cops piled their booty in front of the Lumpini Police Station for the cameras.

These are, of course, the same cops who said they had removed all the street stalls. And, in August, had cleared Sukhumvit of all sex drug and toys sales at those stalls that no longer existed.

Cops Again Sweep Lower Suk For Sex Toys

On Aug. 27, a police-media circus rolled from Soi 13 to Soi 7/1, with deputy national police chief Pol. Gen. Virachai Songmetta acting as ringmaster. He brought along Lumpini cops, who of course know the peddlers are there every day, and Consumer Protection Police Division officers, who’ve made a career of well-publicized, short-lived “crackdowns”. Seven people were arrested.

Once the camera lights went off, the vendors returned. They were tolerated as long as the tea money kept rolling in and the sellers didn’t make too big a nuisance of themselves.

But, with high season here, too many foreigners rolling strollers through red light areas and taking selfies with hookers were offended by big, black dildos on sale within the reach of little Johnny and Joanna, so another “crackdown” was needed.

Public prosecutors noted the sellers had been warned in January but they “flagrantly” flouted the law.

Don’t worry, your bogus Cialis should be back in stock by the time you read this.

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