Crafty Korean Tries To Pull A Fast One With Udon Bar Babe

Korean Pays 18k

A Korean man was left feeling short changed after the deal he made for the company of a young woman turned out to be for one night only, and not one month as he believed.

The 45-year-old tourist met the waitress at an Udon bar and had a Thai friend broker a deal on his behalf to spend some time with the young woman.

An initial offer of 15,000 baht was rejected by the 18-year-old with an agreement being reached when an extra 3k was added on top of the 15k plus a mobile phone. All parties seemed satisfied until the following morning when the Korean wakened to find he was alone.

Thinking he’d paid for the company of the waitress for a month he soon figured out something wasn’t right when she didn’t return to his hotel room which is when he phoned his friend who told him to file a complaint with police which is exactly what he done.

The tourist told cops the waitress had agreed to spend a month with him and now she had fled with the money and phone. However, when police paid a visit to the bar where the couple met there was the “missing” waitress serving up burgers and beers to customers.

Udon Bar Babe

Down at the station she told officers the pair had made an agreement to spend just the one night together and most certainly not one month as the Korean claimed.

Following a lot of back and forth between all parties the mobile phone was returned and the Korean was told to be on his way with the matter closed as any money that had changed hands had to be paid in full for the time he’d spent with the young lady.

18k for either a day or a month sounds to me like they were both trying to rip each other off

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