Curfew Over: Nightlife Back To Normal Hours

Published on 13th June 2014 by Stickboy BKK

The news that everyone has been waiting and hoping for finally came tonight at 21.10 local time via a public address across all TV channels.

The curfew in Bangkok and many other parts of Thailand has been lifted effective immediately.

Within minutes of the news breaking and ever since there has been a flood of emails, sms messages and updates on social media from pubs, clubs, bars, discos, go-go bars and any other nightlife related business you can think of and they all had the same message.

“We are back to normal opening hours as of right now.”

So it is back to business as usual around the capital. Here is a quick rundown of closing times now that the curfew has been lifted.

Nana Plaza – 2am
Patpong – 3am
Soi Cowboy – 2.30am
RCA – 2am
Late night clubs – 6am or later depending on venue
24hr bars (Mulligan’s etc) – back to normal

My hat goes off to the guys over at Club Electric Blue for what I’d call some quick thinking or should that be a bit of marketing genius? All they done was take a simple chalkboard with the message Curfew Over, Close At 3am. Then add a babe on either side, upload to Facebook within 5mins of the big news and BOOM! Their pic was everywhere across Facebook and Twitter.

back to business ceb girls

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