UPDATED: Dozens Injured During Police Raid At Popular RCA Nightclub

ONYX raided

Dozens of clubbers were left injured on Friday night when chaos and panic broke out at ONYX Odyssey on RCA when police raided the popular nightclub.

100 officers arrived at 3am and found around 1,000 clubbers inside with booze still being served and the party in full swing.

When the music was turned off and the lights on the clubbers were told to remain in the building as drug tests were going to be carried out and age verification checks made.

At this point at least half made a run for the front door which is when it turned to chaos.

Dozens Injured During Police Raid At Popular RCA Club

Windows were smashed in the ensuing crush leaving many with cuts and lacerations.

Several clubbers were said to have suffered broken bones after falling in the stampede with one confirmed report of a young woman falling and breaking a leg.

Dozens Injured During Police Raid At Popular RCA Club

Police confirmed earlier reports large quantities of drugs had been found dumped on the floor including ecstasy tablets, various packets of powder and Ketamine.

The manager, Mr Somkhit, 39, was arrested and charged for selling alcohol without a licence and operating beyond the clubs permitted operating hours.

Several others were arrested and taken to Makkasan Police Station to be charged with various drug offences including possession.

NationTV reported police are investigating allegations of corrupt cops turning a blind eye to the late opening, underage drinking and drug abuse at the club.

The photo below was taken on Saturday morning and shows the smashed windows at the entrance of the nightclub.

Dozens Injured During Police Raid At Popular RCA Club

Genuine footage and photos are being mixed with images from the Santika tragedy in fake reports of multiple deaths by a Facebook page and website that attempts to pass itself off as Sanook News.

There were no reports of any fatalities or life threatening injuries at ONYX.

fake website

Photo Credits: Fiesta Get Tc / Kittipat Weeranarongchayakun