Sukhumvit Houses Of Oral Relief Shutdown By Authorities

Published on 8th July 2016 by Stickboy BKK

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A chain of sex shops in downtown Bangkok have been shutdown this week by authorities after a two-year-old article detailing what takes place inside these venues was widely shared on Thai social media last week and soon picked up by the mainstream news.

Dr BJ’s Salon opened on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 back in September 2011 and soon had sister shops such as Dr BJ’s Nuru and Dr BJ’s Budget Bangers spring up around it in the same small soi.

Take a walk down the 7/1 today and you would see no trace of Dr BJ’s existence. Everything is gone with workmen in the shell of a shophouse stripping it bare and painting over anything and everything.

All the signs outside have been thrown in the back of a pickup and taken away.

Sukhumvit Houses Of Oral Releif Shutdown By Authorities

The owners were bold in their marketing and the signage for all venues could easily be seen from the nearby Nana skytrain station. Flying under the radar wasn’t in the business plan and I’m surprised they pulled it off for as long as they did.

Raids in recent months seen temporary closures but it was soon back to business as usual at the houses of oral relief until the old Vice article from July 2014, “I Went to a Blowjob Bar in Bangkok, Thailand” began to spread on many popular Thai Facebook pages and groups the week before last with all the outrage and disgust you can imagine in the comments.

It didn’t take long for the story to appear on the Thairath, Khaosod and Daily News websites which one would assume led to the powers that be calling a meeting to call time on such a brazen enterprise.

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I guess now the plans to expand and open Dr BJ’s A-Gogo & Dr BJ’s Lodge have been shelved with the “nurses” and “consultants” now seeking new employment.

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