Drug Dealer Kept Meth Stash In ‘Haunted House’ Because Scared Locals Wouldn’t Go Inside

Published on 24th January 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Drug Dealer Kept Meth Stash

A drug dealer left his stash in a haunted house because he knew people would be too scared to go inside.

Mr Phetchai, 26, hid 138,000 methamphetamine tablets and two mobile phones in the run-down home in Phitsanulok, northern Thailand.

Superstitious locals are terrified of the property after ghost stories about two lovers perished there several years ago. It has been abandoned ever since and neighbours are even scared of walking past the home.

Certain that nobody would venture inside, Phetchai left his valuable stash of drugs there each day and night.

However, he was caught by undercover police in a sting operation on Tuesday night and forced to lead them to the rest of his supply.

Unfortunately for Phetchai, local cops were not scared of going inside the haunted house.

Officers seized 10,000 pills he was planning to sell along with another 128,000 in the haunted house and the suspect’s Toyota pickup truck.

Phetchaiwas grilled by police and allegedly confessed to dealing drugs and using a local Buddhist monk as a courier. He said he kept the drugs in the abandoned house because it was well-known for being haunted.

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