Drunk Guy Climbs A Power Pole… Cries For Help When He Can’t Get Down

Published on 6th April 2017 by Stickboy BKK

drunk man up a power pole

JFC is this what it has come to? Thursday is the worst day of the week for news and I’m really scraping the barrel here but what the hell, it did make me laugh for all of 5 seconds.

Police and rescue services were called to a busy(ish) street in Nakhon Nowhere on Thursday afternoon following numerous calls from members of the public to say a drunk douchebag had climbed up a power pole and was now crying for help as he was stuck and couldn’t climb back down.

drunk man up a power pole

The shirtless man was considering suicide when he climbed the pole but soon realised he was scared of heights and started shouting to those waiting and watching below for help.

Two cherry pickers and a dozen bodies later he was brought down and cuffed when he started flipping out.

News reports didn’t say what happened after he was in bracelets but I’d assume a night in the cells to sober up before getting a slap on the wrist and sent packing would be the order of the day.

Snooze news at its best….

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