Drunk Man Burns His House Down After Bust-Up With Girlfriend

Published on 14th February 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Drunk Man Burns His House Down After Bust Up With Girlfriend

After a heavy night on the booze and a bust-up with his young girlfriend, a Phetchabun man thought the next best thing to do would be to burn his house to the ground and that’s exactly what he did on Wednesday afternoon.

Jenrop Deena, 35, had apparently done an all-nighter on the bevvy much to the annoyance of his 19-year-old his girlfriend who decided enough was enough after he started ranting and raving at her so she packed up and pissed off to her mother’s house, vowing never to return.

This went down like a lead balloon with Jenrop who spent the day pleading with his teerak to return. When the penny dropped his pleas were falling on deaf ears he, for reasons known only to him, decided to torch the single-story house the couple had shared.

Police and firefighters arrived at the village in Lom Sak district just after 5pm to find the house ablaze.

By the time the fire had been put out there was nothing left of the love nest and Jenrop was hauled off to the cop shop for questioning.

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