Dutch Expat Sues Hospital Over Dual Pricing

Dutch Expat Sues Hospital Over Dual Pricing

A Dutch expat is suing a Hua Hin hospital for what he describes as discrimination over-inflated fees for foreigners.

The two-year-long battle for compensation by 50-year-old Erwin Bucher was highlighted by a morning news show on Channel 3 after the government watchdog and the hospital in question dragged their feet in resolving his complaint.

Mr Bucher said he was charged 300 baht on each visit plus an 858 baht “admission fee” when Thai patients only had to pay 50 baht.#

The Dutchman feels after 10 years in the country with a Thai wife he shouldn’t be paying inflated fees for his appointments.

Thai media reported the hospital and Department of Public Health will issue him a 20,000 baht refund by the end of the month.