Dutch Woman Goes Under Knife After Being Run Over By Unlicensed Pattaya Jet Skier

Published on 16th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Wendy Wijmenga

A Dutch woman is facing surgery after being struck by an unlicensed jet ski driver in Pattaya.

Wendy Wijmenga, 42, sustained a gruesomely broken knee in the accident on Jomtien Beach Dec. 13. She’s now deciding whether to have it surgically repaired at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya or in The Netherlands.

Porntiwa Karaket, 22, was arrested and charged with reckless boatmanship resulting in injury after speeding into shore and ploughing directly into the Dutch woman, sending her face down into the sea.

Police quickly discovered that Porntiwa not only didn’t have a license or training to pilot the big jet ski, the watercraft wasn’t even his. He’d borrowed it from a friend.

He jetted through the swimming zone at high speed, thinking it would be easier to get the boat on shore if he was going fast. He didn’t notice Wijmenga until it was too late.

Banglamung District and police officials visited Wijmenga in her hospital room Friday, giving her flowers and 20,000 baht from the Pattaya Tourist Assistance Fund.

Hopefully, she has insurance because the token payment from Pattaya won’t cover the cost of reconstructive surgery.

Wijmenga thanked everyone for their support and said she had no hard feelings toward Pattaya and planned to come back at some point, but maybe not go swimming in Jomtien.

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